Oct 2
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Garrett – brushing hair

Garrett – shoulder scrunch

Garrett – oven mits

No Kissing Allowed (but yes, there’s kissing)

Garrett – Ball Tower Toy

Garrett – Future Soccer Player

Sep 3

And anyone else who wants to see ūüôā






Jan 23
Spencer’s Broken Leg
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Yesterday we were so lucky to be able to get together with an old friend of mine, Brady, and meet his new wife and son, Stephanie and Cody. We met them at the Pizza Pie Cafe where we caught up on life. Evie eventually warmed up and talked to them but Spencer was still a bit shy. We decided we wanted to let the kids play so we headed off to Jump On It in Lindon. It was pretty crowded, unlike the first time we went and there were maybe 10 – 15 kids there, but we stayed anyway. Brady also got a pass so he could jump too and Spencer finally warmed up and followed him and Cody around. Evie was more hesitant due to the amount of kids so she stayed in the little kid area. I took a few pics (they were jumping so much the pics ended up kind of blurry) and sat down to talk to Stephanie and Steve some more. Brady came to us carrying a crying Spencer a little while later. They were chasing Brady around and as Spencer jumped another kid jumped and it sprung Spencer up high and he landed just wrong.

We tried getting Spencer to show us or tell us where it hurt but he couldn’t catch his breath well enough to do it. Then I noticed that his right leg, the hurt leg, was curved in while his left leg was not. We decided to head to the ER, and of course, it took longer to get there because of the darn construction. This is the first time I hated the construction. We got in the ER, I put Spencer on the bed, and the typical information and¬†explanations¬†came. Poor kid was not excited that he had to get a morphine shot in his hip/side but luckily the medicine started to help soon enough. Stephen had called his parents and they were good enough to come help out with Evie and Garrett (little g hadn’t eaten in 5 hours!). I went back with Spencer to get his x-rays. He had a lot of pain while they helped him straighten out his leg but eventually it was straight enough for the x-ray. I had to stand in the little room but Spencer was calm enough and knew where I was. They took a front x-ray and a side x-ray, put him back on the rolling bed and we headed back to the ER “room.”

They showed us the x-rays, where the break was and explained that they were putting on a half cast today in case the leg swells more. On Monday we are seeing another doctor to have him review the x-rays and get a full cast. I asked Spencer what color he wanted if he got to pick and of course, he said his favorite color…BROWN! YUCK! A brown cast? I sure hope not! I asked what his 2nd pick was and he said red. Whew…I can handle red. Spencer was so brave throughout everything. He had a pained look on his face, maybe shed a tear or two, but he sure was a strong little boy who understood what we explained to him.

We’ll have to figure out what to do about school, but hopefully he won’t miss too much. His friend in class has a broken arm (twice now) so know they have two kids with casts in their class! I’ll keep updating as more things come.

Jan 9
5 Months
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Did you know that my baby boy has his FIRST TOOTH! And TODAY he is 5 months old. Yeah, that’s right…he got his first tooth when he was 4 1/2 months old! WHAT? REALLY?!??!??!??! And can I add to that OUCH! I’ve yelped in pain a few times lately. That’s one sharp tooth.

So, as of today, Little g can roll from back to tummy, tummy to back, has his first tooth, kind of reaches out when you go to pick him up, is trying to hold his bottle (but mostly just chews on it until it falls out of his little grasp), smiles and giggles tons, stares at you that either says ‘I’m-searching-your-soul’ or ‘I-remember-you-from-the-pre-existence’, loves Sesame Street, gives hugs (especially hugs that help big brother and big sister stop crying), loves getting kisses, has an open mouth silent laugh when he gets tossed in the air (and then his fist goes right into his mouth), and is just a¬†genuinely¬†sweet baby.

Dec 12
Rice cereal
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We decided to let little g try some rice cereal. He has been eyeing our food and reaching for our plates at dinner. So, we mixed him some rice cereal and gave him a try…his initial reaction was his concerned eyebrows (you know the ones). He had a few bites and some water to wash it down. I think he liked the spoon the most…

Dec 2

Now these are cute! These are letters from Santa. you can put your kids name and info in and they send you a message straight to them. It is SO cute!


Evie’s: http://magicsanta.ca/gateway.html?code=VB06PW

You should do one!

Oct 3
Newborn Pictures
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well, not really new newborn…but 4 weeks old…still new enough. Garrett is a little stinker though! He would not stay asleep so Triana could pose him in all sorts of different ways.

Sep 26

Yep…had to separate that since it embarrasses Spencer that we call Gracie his ‘girl friend.’ I know he has a crush on her…and why not? she’s adorable! They played so well together at preschool last year and still do! Gracie’s birthday was after the deadline for Kindergarten, which is lucky for us because she’s now in Evie’s preschool! Spencer and Gracie were able to see each other again and just in time too! Gracie had her 5th birthday and Spencer was invited. From the sounds of it, they were stuck like glue, even though Gracie had 5 other friends there! LOL Look how cute these pictures are!


Aug 31
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Whoa…I almost forgot to post the ‘first day of school’ picture! I would have been frowned upon as a lazy mom! LOL

Spencer started Kindergarten at Reagan Academy last Monday. He attended Kindergarten Jumpstart during the summer so going to Kindergarten was ‘no big thang.’ He loves school, his teacher and his classmates already. He is doing great with his sight words and Steve and I have been ‘quizzing’ him with math (addition) and he’s doing great! He doesn’t use his fingers unless it’s a big number so I’m super impressed! He’s doing great practicing his lower case letters (we previously only did upper case) and does his homework without fussing. He loves to tell me about what they did in class, including how many happy face stamps he received and that there were 2 other kids that got the same number and 1 that got more. (Happy/straight/frowny¬†face stamps indicate how they behave daily.) He’s learning the names of his classmates and which ones he plays soccer with during recess. They have snack time every day, including milk or chocolate milk. They work at stations on occasion working on letters, art, or math. They even got to go outside to do a nature hunt and he found everything on the list except for the bee (it was a chilly day so they were probably staying warm in their hives!)

I love how much Spencer is loving school, how great Steve is working with him on his sight words (with a computer game as incentive…but just to watch Steve play LOL) and how great Spencer is doing!

Aug 31

Evie took an 8 (really 9) week dance class this summer with a lady from Aunt Netty’s ward. Miss Kelly is super nice and is really good at working with the little girls. She always has a neat thing to pretend to get the girls to do dance steps. For ‘shuffle step’ she has them pretend to kick a quarter (or other coin), but then kick it back and stomp on it. With ‘first position’ the girls’ heals are kissing, but their toes don’t like each other, etc etc etc. Really cute stuff and the girls follow it very well.

After the 8/9 weeks of practice, Miss Kelly put on a big recital. There are 3 age groups that she taught and each of them performed. The music for the littlest group (Evie’s) would not do the words, just the music, so the girls were not sure what to do. Evie refused to go on stage. She was scared and there was a large crowd. I tried convincing her to go up there, promising to be on stage on the side, bribing her with chocolate kisses, and even guilting her about wasting money on dance class when she won’t show daddy what she learned. I feel really bad about trying to guilt her…especially because she is little and it was a big crowd and no matter what I had told her before hand to prepare her, I’m sure it was still really scary to her. See the #2 position between the girls in the picture below? Yeah…that’s where Evie was supposed to be.

Instead we were in the hallway looking like this:

Miss Kelly decided to put on a little dance recital for the littlest girls in the studio where they practiced. And the music had the words! Evie was great! She wasn’t nervous and she followed the teacher’s instructions very well. Spencer took all the pictures and I had my phone doing video recording. I’m so sad though! They did “Do your ears hang low?” and “Little Bunny FooFoo” – Evie is SO good at Little Bunny FooFoo and my phone only recorded 3 seconds of it! So I’m bummed because I didn’t get it on video. ūüôĀ Sadness!

Here’s Evie giving me thumbs up!

the Continental Soldier (“Do Your Ears Hang Low?”)

Little Bunny FooFoo (Spencer did a great job taking pictures, don’t you agree?)

One of the little girls came late so they re-did “Do Your Ears Hang Low?”

Evie in her costume

Spencer was proud of his little sister and wanted a picture with her.

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