Sep 26

Okay, not psych as in Just Kidding…but Psych as in Shawn and Gus. It’s a beloved TV show by not only myself…but a bunch of teenage girls! You should have HEARD these girls fighting over Shawn and Gus (AND Lassie…not the dog…the detective)! They were calling DIBS and fighting over pictures and WOW! GIRLS! They’re crazy! They painted picture frames for their group picture (below), ate dinner (Hawaiian Haystacks…because it has pineapple…and Pineapple is all part of the TV Show…just watch…you’ll see), played Memory (they screamed any time they saw their “man’s” picture! OMGosh!), opened presents (yes…she got a REAL pineapple…and “It’s a Boy” mints…weird, I know), played “Psych” on the web, and had dessert. It was a fun, LOUD night but I think the girls had a blast. Pictures and Pages to follow….

Sep 14

Wish I had pictures of everyone…hard to get pictures when we’re swimming. 🙂 It was such a fun way to celebrate!

Aug 12
Laid Back Birthday
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It’s true…I’m not doing much for Lil’g’s birthday. Why? Because I’m not. He loves the water so we will be spending the day (or maybe half of a day!) with family at a waterpark. EASY PEASY! We won’t be doing the traditional 1st cake (maybe) because the park will not allow outside food inside. So I’ll have to decide if I make brownies later and let him get dirty (honestly he already eats all the other “stuff” including snack foods so it’s not a huge milestone for him). We did, however, end his birthday with a few presents.

Grams and Papa sent him a pool for the porch. He was fascinated with it before it even had water in it! The older kids loved it too! They changed around the cups and wheel a few times while Lil’g got in and out and in and out and in and out of it. (He is also having a blast with the box the pool came in!)

From Daddy, Mommy, Spencer and Evie we got him foam building blocks. He is having a blast knocking over whatever creations Evie and Spencer build!

I’ve asked our family to not get him any more clothes (except PJs) or toys (although bath or water toys would work)…I just got through de-junking our house…including the kids’ stuff 3 times (their clothes 4 times!!!) and we do NOT need any more! I know a few things that Grandma and Grandpa are planning and I know he will have a blast with those…but I’ll post pictures when we can see them again! (Cancer/Chemo and live vaccines do not go together well! We can’t let Lil’g near Grandma and Grandpa for 4 weeks! 🙁 FOUR WEEKS! That’s SO long! Makes me sad!)

More pictures to come! How I love my birthday boy!

Aug 11
lil’g is ONE!
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What a fun, happy little guy we have! Before he was born people commented on how they feel drawn to him or felt they had a special connection to him (and I loved it!). He is still quite shy but his gap-toothed grin will sure make anyone smile!  I love my baby!!!

One Year Stats:

Height: 31 inches (80%)    Weight: 22.8 lbs (65%)     Head:  47 cm (75%)

Mar 29

Spencer is 6!!! I can’t believe it! It seems like it was just the other day when I woke during the night to my water breaking and 7 hours later was holding my first baby in my arms. What a huge difference 6 years makes…and wow…what things we have learned! Spencer had an Outer Space birthday party. He invited 4 friends from school and some cousins. They made space pictures, aliens, shot aliens and did a galaxy toss. My friend, Jaycee, made Spencer’s cake…OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Can you believe how cute it is?! Look at that astronaut! So.Stinkin.Cute!

Feb 20
Evie’s 4th Birthday
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