Apr 22
Photo Catch Up
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I haven’t done much with pictures lately so here’s just a catch up photo style

1, 2, 3 – crazy snow storm

4 – kids in a tub

5, 6, 7 – my closet I converted to a food storage closet! YAY!

8, 9  – lil g…sleeping and modeling a cute vest!

10  – Spencer’s healed bone!!! He’s walking great (still limps a little…might be mentally limping)

Other than Evie and I having strep, Stephen trying to catch up on school projects (work projects put school projects on the back burner), Spencer healing, Evie being her sweet, emotional self, and holiday/school projects…not much else has been happening.

Mar 29
A few firsts
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Lil g got his first taste of a sucker….and he loved it!

First time swinging….he loves swinging!

Mar 23
icon1 memilyrae | icon2 Friends, Garrett | icon4 03 23rd, 2011| icon31 Comment »

My friend (Triana Ord) is helping another blogger friend take pictures of her products to sell on Etsy. Triana needed a few models and she asked if Lil g would be available. I LOVE the onesie he “modeled”…it is SO cute! And the pictures are now on her site…take a look! Lu Bird Baby

Feb 20

Feb 20

Feb 20
Garrett’s new sock monkey
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