Feb 17

I’m a few months behind but at least here is a catch up of holiday pages I made. 🙂 There’s SO much going on right now that we’ll see how long it takes me to play catch up!!!!

Dec 19
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Nov 1

So Stephen and I realized we haven’t seen our camera since the Father/Son Campout. What does that mean? #1 – I need a new camera. #2 – these pictures are definitely NOT the best quality but they are all I have and they are still memories. #3 I didn’t get any pictures from Halloween Night. Boo. But, they still looked great in their costumes! Click on the images to make larger. 🙂

Sep 26

Okay, not psych as in Just Kidding…but Psych as in Shawn and Gus. It’s a beloved TV show by not only myself…but a bunch of teenage girls! You should have HEARD these girls fighting over Shawn and Gus (AND Lassie…not the dog…the detective)! They were calling DIBS and fighting over pictures and WOW! GIRLS! They’re crazy! They painted picture frames for their group picture (below), ate dinner (Hawaiian Haystacks…because it has pineapple…and Pineapple is all part of the TV Show…just watch…you’ll see), played Memory (they screamed any time they saw their “man’s” picture! OMGosh!), opened presents (yes…she got a REAL pineapple…and “It’s a Boy” mints…weird, I know), played “Psych” on the web, and had dessert. It was a fun, LOUD night but I think the girls had a blast. Pictures and Pages to follow….

Sep 14

Wish I had pictures of everyone…hard to get pictures when we’re swimming. 🙂 It was such a fun way to celebrate!

Sep 5

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Aug 22

Feb 20

Aug 20

So I’m not completely “feeling” these pages yet, but once I pull out my external hard drive with more digi scrapping stuff I will probably change it up a bit. Until then, these will have to do. 🙂 I might make it a 1 page instead of 2 page spread…but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Jul 25

to design! 🙂 I’ve been figuring out new little tips and tricks here and there in Photoshop (I’m self taught with all Adobe stuff so far…still have tons to learn!) and decided to use some of that to make a new digital kit…ROBOTS! Don’t know why I wanted to do Robots, but I did and can I tell you how much I love these little guys? Even the alpha made me super happy. Not as much the paper cause I didn’t feel very creative with those, but they’re done and in the kit so I’ll just get over it. Maybe one day I’ll add some more if I feel up to it. Anyway, here’s the kit preview…I seriously love these guys! Click for a closer look!

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