Mar 9
Almost healed
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Today Spencer went in for a “cast removal” appointment. They sawed the cast off but pulling his leg out was still somewhat painful for him. We explained to him that his knee has been bent for so long that it will probably hurt to straighten it and he did not like the thought of that…especially when he knew he was getting another x-ray. Little g got hungry so I was feeding him when they came in to get Spencer for his x-ray. Luckily, Spencer’s Grams was with us. She went with him to get his x-ray (a good bonding moment!). Lil g got done and I could hear Spencer crying (they made him straighten his leg for the x-ray and it hurt). When the door opened, Grams took Lil g and I carried Spencer back to the room. The break is almost healed completely (just a little left in the back)!!!!!

Dr M put a little pressure on his leg and he was in pain so, for his sake, she put another cast on (he chose tie-die this time) with the instructions to have him put pressure on his leg (and use crutches). She said at the point his leg is, the pressure will actually help the leg heal faster and gain some strength back and hopefully help the pain when this cast is removed. Since Dr M said to do it, he said he’d do the crutches. He has tried them (just a tiny bit) before and hopefully he’ll be able to really get the hang of it. If anything, he can use it to get into his classroom and/or to the main locations he’ll be going, and then he can scoot a little here and there when it’s short distance or when his arms get tired. I just hope he doesn’t lose balance and fall over!

Dr M again challenged him to a “try-not-to-smile” contest….he lost again. 🙂

He was extremely happy though…I let him use his birthday money. He bought Lego Star Wars building kits … and picked the ones with the bad guys! (aren’t you proud Steph?)

Feb 20

Feb 20
Broken Leg page
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