Nov 1

So Stephen and I realized we haven’t seen our camera since the Father/Son Campout. What does that mean? #1 – I need a new camera. #2 – these pictures are definitely NOT the best quality but they are all I have and they are still memories. #3 I didn’t get any pictures from Halloween Night. Boo. But, they still looked great in their costumes! Click on the images to make larger. 🙂

Oct 23
Zoo Trip
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Lil’g got to experience his first trip to the zoo…and Sp and Ev haven’t been in 2 or 3 years! Crazy, I know! It was the perfect weather too! What was pretty interesting to me is that a fair amount of animals seemed to be interested in us too. They came up and examined us…we blamed Lil’g…said he smelled just like them! 🙂 Just teasin! Enjoy the pics!

Aug 22

Aug 22

Spencer is a 1st Grader. A FIRST GRADER!!! AHHHHHHHHH! He is growing up WAY too fast! He didn’t want me to take his picture but this was the closest thing to a real smile I got…not to mention it wasn’t the best quality picture (I really need to find my camera!). Either way, I got a picture though! 🙂

I walked Spencer into class this morning – mainly because I needed to figure out what to do about school lunches. Spencer likes SOME of the food on the menu, so on the days that he doesn’t like it, we’ll do home lunches. Seriously…figuring out lunches is what freaks me out the most about him being in all day school. (especially because his taste in sandwiches consists of ham, cheese and KETCHUP! Nothing else. Ick!) I left him in the class and he found his cubby, desk and spot of the floor with no problem whatsoever. Such a good remember-er!

Here’s Spencer’s report on his first day:

After the Pledge of Allegiance (and then practiced again as a class) and did their morning routine going over what day it is, etc.

They practiced going to the lunch room to show them how it works. He loved eating at school – he got THREE chicken strips. He told me he was a little nervous about it but the teachers were really helpful. They sit with their class so it was nice to have them stay together.

Spencer loves that he had 3 recesses! (2 short, 1 long). They played soccer and on the playground equipment. He even hit his head but he was okay. 🙂 After recess they colored a picture then played a game. I showed up at the end as the 1st graders were getting sorted into their pick-up colors (location where the parents pick up their kids). Hopefully it will get easier for the students. We took his (kindergarten) girl friend, Summer, home which is nice since they are not in the same class this year.

All in all Spencer says he had a great day and is excited to go back tomorrow!

Jul 19
I love our school
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Can I just say how much I love our school! Spencer attends Reagan Academy and I. Simply. Love. It! I love the structure. I love the staff. I love the things he has learned. I love the building. I love the push they have for parents to get involved. I love it all!

We receive newsletters every week (and some during the summer) and we just received one today. I love the push they have to always improve and be better. Here’s a little snippet:

Assessment Results Show Enormous Gains

During our frequent visits to classrooms last year we quickly noticed that the instruction taking place was clearly phenomenal.  We have recently received preliminary scores from our end of the year testing that confirms what we saw early on.  Reagan Academy was part of a select group of charters and districts nationwide that were asked by the U.S. Department of Education to participate in a special “blended” test that measures student progress as well as proficiency at the end of the year.  Gains by Reagan students were 67 percent higher com­pared to the other schools nationwide in Math (Our 7th and 8th Grade Math was 120 percent higher) and 22 percent higher in Language Arts. Many congratulations to our students and parents and a  tremendous “Thank you” to our amazing teachers.  You could not find such amazing teachers anywhere else.

Steve and I could not be happier with the experience we have had so far with Reagan Academy and are SO glad there are programs like charter schools out there.

Simply. Love. It!

May 26

I took some video of Spencer’s Kindergarten Program. These kids are so cute!


As a first time Kindergarten parent, I just have to say that I think Spencer (and I) had the very best teachers there could be! Spencer has learned so much and is always happy to go to school. He loves the environment in Mrs Frisby’s classroom (as do I!) and we can all tell how much love Mrs Frisby and Mrs Henry have for the children. They are my kind of gals! The kids in their class look at Mindee and Tracey as more than just teachers, but also as friends. They are my friends too and I am soooo blessed to have had the chance to get to know them! I loved being involved in the classroom and I’m almost afraid that I will not have as great of a connection with ANY of Spencer (or Evie’s) future teachers as I did this year. I can truly say I love those ladies as friends and as Spencer’s teachers! What an amazing year!


Apr 22
Photo Catch Up
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I haven’t done much with pictures lately so here’s just a catch up photo style

1, 2, 3 – crazy snow storm

4 – kids in a tub

5, 6, 7 – my closet I converted to a food storage closet! YAY!

8, 9  – lil g…sleeping and modeling a cute vest!

10  – Spencer’s healed bone!!! He’s walking great (still limps a little…might be mentally limping)

Other than Evie and I having strep, Stephen trying to catch up on school projects (work projects put school projects on the back burner), Spencer healing, Evie being her sweet, emotional self, and holiday/school projects…not much else has been happening.

Mar 29
A few firsts
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Lil g got his first taste of a sucker….and he loved it!

First time swinging….he loves swinging!

Mar 29

Hallelujah we are DONE! Well, not completely true actually…we will have another check up in 3 weeks…but the bones are healed and the cast is off!

The weirdest thing ever…the cast caused Spencer’s leg hairs to grow…my 6 year old has long black leg hairs!!!! WOW…that’s weird. Poor kid has dry skin too.

I marked the current (left) x-ray and the x-ray from 2 weeks ago (right). It’s amazing how fast bones grow  back!

Dr McLean is awesome! She works so well with kids and Spencer likes her. She always challenges him to a “don’t smile” contest…and he loses every time!

Mar 29

Spencer is 6!!! I can’t believe it! It seems like it was just the other day when I woke during the night to my water breaking and 7 hours later was holding my first baby in my arms. What a huge difference 6 years makes…and wow…what things we have learned! Spencer had an Outer Space birthday party. He invited 4 friends from school and some cousins. They made space pictures, aliens, shot aliens and did a galaxy toss. My friend, Jaycee, made Spencer’s cake…OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Can you believe how cute it is?! Look at that astronaut! So.Stinkin.Cute!

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