Jun 23
It’s a giveaway!
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Enter to win a Nikon D3100 DSLR! You know I want one!

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Jul 31

Okay, so I THINK I found this link on Ikea Goddess‘ blog (I clicked on it a few day ago and am just getting around to pa-rusing it. 😉 She has fantastic stuff! Especially for those who don’t want baby-cute stuff, but more teen-and-tween stuff. You know, the whole “I know more than my parents do” stage. 🙂 (I was NEVER like that! 😉 tee hee) SO, take a look see!

Pimp Your Scrapbook

Jul 30

I just love Doodlebugz Doodle Bags. Accidental Mommies is doing a give-away on her blog (take a look-see). I would LOVE to get one for both Spencer and Evie. How smart!

By the way, I love the tagline at the top of Accidental Mommie’s site:

“An “Accidental Mommy” is a mommy who never thought she was mommy material but has learned through poop, spit-up and tears that she has what it takes.”

Jul 30

The most awesom-est Tip Junkie let all of us know of the very cute Baby Bands today. Can I just saw how stinkin’ cute! I would SO love to get some of these for Evie. Take a look-see: (she’s doing a giveaway that will end soon!)


Jul 16

So I found this wonderful website through one of my favorites (TipJunkie). Deanna has some great tips and advice when it comes to cleaning, laundry, and lots of every day experiences (mainly ones she’s experiencing). Take a look-see:

Deanna’s Corner

Saturday Savings: Laundry

Saturday Savings: Cleaning


Jul 14
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I saw this website on another site and thought it was kind of cool. It’ll be a blank (gray) slate, but click and hold down your button and watch the screen start to change. You’ll get the hang of it pretty fast. Take a look-see.

This is Sand

Jul 14

I’m in love with this blog!  She has some wonderful ideas (a lot that I’m going to steal and do for my kids!) I can’t wait to make some of her laptops…especially for church!  Take a look-see!


Jul 10

So I just love word art…I really do. It seems so many other people are extremely creative with quotes and phrases that I would just do in a simply dull text. I found this blog, mmdcreations, and just love her word art! I looked at a lot of them (and downloaded most of them!) and can just imagine what pictures I’m going to use and what page layout I’d use. I hope to create a page and put them up and let her know how great I think she is! Take a look-see.

Jul 7

Okay, so I came across this website because one of her freebies were listed on Ikea Goddess‘ blog and can I just say





She has such cute layouts and kits and kids and everything! I think I’ll be spending a lot of time on her site! Here’s the link:


Jun 28

Saw this and thought it was oh so cute! I want to make one really bad!

Krystal Hartley

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