Oct 23
Zoo Trip
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Lil’g got to experience his first trip to the zoo…and Sp and Ev haven’t been in 2 or 3 years! Crazy, I know! It was the perfect weather too! What was pretty interesting to me is that a fair amount of animals seemed to be interested in us too. They came up and examined us…we blamed Lil’g…said he smelled just like them! 🙂 Just teasin! Enjoy the pics!

Jul 23
Oh Pinterest, how I love you!
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It’s true…I’m one of THOSE…I’m a Pinterest-lover. When I see cute ideas…I PIN it! When I see fun things to do with the kids…I PIN it! When I see ideas that I want in my home…I PIN it! If you haven’t heard of Pinterest you should look into it. Before, I would see cute ideas and save an image on my laptop but I wouldn’t remember where I found it so I wouldn’t have the details or instructions on what to do AND I can share it with my friends and see what they pin. Love. It.

May 29
Death by Cookie
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So, I made the mistake of showing Steve this picture and now we both want it.

That’s right…that’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, Oreos, and Brownies topped with ice cream. Um…yum! Anyway…I took this picture before topping it with ice cream and it’s definitely not as pretty but it IS yummy. And evil. Very evil. For my waist line. I found the concoction here…let me know if you end up trying it!!! Maybe your picture will turn out prettier than mine!




Apr 22
Photo Catch Up
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I haven’t done much with pictures lately so here’s just a catch up photo style

1, 2, 3 – crazy snow storm

4 – kids in a tub

5, 6, 7 – my closet I converted to a food storage closet! YAY!

8, 9  – lil g…sleeping and modeling a cute vest!

10  – Spencer’s healed bone!!! He’s walking great (still limps a little…might be mentally limping)

Other than Evie and I having strep, Stephen trying to catch up on school projects (work projects put school projects on the back burner), Spencer healing, Evie being her sweet, emotional self, and holiday/school projects…not much else has been happening.

Mar 29
Before and After
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My sister and her family left to go to Disneyland and asked if I would take care of their pets for them. While they were out, I got to labeling! 🙂 Here are a few before and after pictures (PLEASE NOTE: the BEFORE pictures are after I started pulling things from the shelf so it wasn’t THAT bad…just remember that!)





(I took a lot of things off the shelf…remember that!)



See the labels??

Feb 20