Feb 18



This week we went to the awesome doctor that has been helping us with spencer’s leg. The assistant first had to remove the old one (dinosaurs). She showed spencer the tool that cuts through casts but won’t cut him. It was pretty neat. She even let him keep his cast! They took another x-ray and saw that new bone grew, making a smooth line (side view) but that the fracture is still there. He got to pick a new cast (camo…like his buddy in kindergarten) and we have a new appointment to go back in 3 weeks. This cast is smaller (but still a full leg cast) so it weighs less. Spencer is getting speedy scooting around and can go to the bathroom and wash his hands without help!

Now if he can just win “don’t smile” against dr mclean he’ll be all set! Lol

Feb 2
As of today…
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Spencer has had his cast on for 1 week. He is getting used to it, scootes along the floor and I think we have bathroom and shower time down.

Garrett has 2 bottom teeth…and his 3rd broke through today!!!! This is top right (middle)

Evie is having many mid-afternoon breakdowns. She’s tired. Yesterday I told her to stay in bed until she could be happy. She took a nap and woke up much happier…I think bedtime needs to be moved up an hour!

Jan 15
Little g and Grams
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Nov 23

Nov 18
School Pictures
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Sep 9
Reward Systems
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So, this is uber cute and I might have to come up with a way to incorporate it into my own home. I think the little bags might get ripped too easily so I think I’d come up with something different…but I’m not sure. I like that they can only have so many and that it’s only for 30 minutes of ‘technology time’ (TV/games/computer/etc) and that will help force them to play/use their imaginations/color/etc. Yeah…I might have to try this. Thank you DUCKS IN A ROW for the idea!

Sep 7
Symptom Guide
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Okay – how cool is this? It’s a symptom guide from Babycenter.com. You put in your child’s age range (up to 8 years) & symptom(s) and a list of possible conditions. Is that cool or what? I’m definitely bookmarking this site!

Sep 5
Sneak Peek
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My friend, Triana, is the best! She took our last family photos and I asked her to take new ones now that Garrett is with us. She gave me a little sneak peek…and I. LOVE. THEM!

Aug 21
Killer Drinks
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I saw these and thought they were awesome! Steve loved them too. So I bought them. he he he.  They are AK47 bullet ice cube trays. how cool is that?

Aug 20
Sight words
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Spencer starts Kindergarten on Monday. KINDERGARTEN! He’ll be gone for 3 hours, 5 days a week. He had so much fun at Jumpstart and I know he’s going to LOVE regular Kindergarten. At Meet the Teacher night last night he got a list of sight words so I thought I’d FINALLY get around to making these fun sliders that I saw on Serving Pink Lemonade.

I made mine just a tiny bit different…I made notches on both ends of the skinny paint samples so when I put them through the holes of the larger sample, they would not fall out. That way I can keep them together and not have to worry as much with them being all over the house.


I wish I would have used an exacto knife, but what’s done is done and they turned out just fine.


I had to bend the skinny sample just a little to get them in the holes. They’re staying in just fine though, so that’s good news.


And I used her sample as well as the sight words Spencer received from school to write down the beginning sounds and the ending sounds.



Sorry for the dark images…I’m crafting on my bed while Little G sleeps in his bassinet. Here they are:

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